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Besides striving to provide the best possible living facilities to its residents, DHA Karachi is also making concerted endeavours to look after the educational requirements of wards of DHA employees, Defence Personnel, DHA residents, in particular and the public, in general.

The Education sector is the second largest component of DHA Karachi comprising approximately 36% of its total strength. Established on 1st June, 1976 it has expanded into a modern and progressive education system which is universally acclaimed for its academic excellence. The hallmark of our education system is that it encompasses all-round development of a student’s personality.

DHA has now become a dynamic educational system that is in alignment with the top-notch academic institutions in the mainstream of education. The DHA network comprises of 14 x reputable and state-of-the-art campuses, ranging from Montessori to Masters and University level. There is a consistent upward rise in the number of students studying in our academic institutions, with the number having touched 16,000 plus, today.